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Bubbles & a Haircut…..

Friday night we planned to have Emery and Rylee over for a sleepover, but Rylee had a graduation to attend and couldn’t come. We decided to go ahead and have some one on one time with Emery- and it turned out to be a lot of fun. We ate at McDonalds and then tried to get his haircut. He is not a fan of getting his haircut. When I say not a fan I mean, kicking his feet, screaming and yelling NO! Normally I coax him with a toy, but he wasn’t having it this time. We asked him if he would come back tomorrow and he said yes….not sure if that would really happen, but what else were we to do. He wasn’t having anything to do with a haircut.

After attending to a few other things, we took him to the Family Video store and he picked out a Donald & Daisy movie, we got Madagascar and some popcorn. Emery was excited about the ‘copcorn’ as he called it. He decided he wanted to watch Madagascar, but was only interested in it for about 15 minutes, so we took it out and put in Donald Duck. He loved this one. It was 10:30 before we new it and we headed off to bed. Since he was alone on his sleepover, he got to sleep with Nana and Papa.

Normally Saturdays are our sleep-in day, but this Saturday Emery woke us up at 6:30….way too early for me! The night before I had bought a ‘bubble-gun’ and that was the first thing he wanted to do. I told him it was too early and he would have to wait, but that only worked for about 30 minutes and then we were outside, in the backyard, in our pjs ‘shooting’ bubbles. (with a cup of coffee in my hand) He loved it. We started talking about his haircut, but he had on his selective hearing and wasn’t really giving it too much attention. We did make it to the shop, and after Papa got a pretend haircut, Emery agreed, half heartedly to sit on my lap and let Laurie cut his hair. It is practically impossible to get a ‘good’ haircut when you are leaning over and hiding! LOL Here are some pictures of us getting Emery’s haircut. It was fun to have some one on one time with him….we hope to be able to do this with each of the kids.

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