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Yes, we have no bananas

Or tomatoes for that matter……..I had this same problem last year. I have two tomato plants this year and neither is producing the fruit they are born to produce. They are growing and making lots of pretty flowers, that to my understanding are suppose to be tomatoes in the making……but, NO…I have big leafy tomato-less bushes. Geesh, what am I doing wrong? Last year when I ran into this problem the advice I was given was to beat them with a paper sack or grab’em and shake‘em. So I grabbed that bad boy and shook the heck out of it. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, but it worked. I had tomatoes through to the first freeze! Well, I have shaken these two little guys this year and sadly, it’s not working. Maybe I need to grab the paper bag!

P.S. This morning Keith found a big ugly green worm on one of the bushes. I decided to leave him alone…I mean what harm could he really do…..well, I came home today and he had eaten the leaves off one complete stem and was working on another. Needless to say I took him and his current meal off the plant and he took a one way flight into the field behind our house. Ewwwww

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