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Things that make me smile……

Knowing that God loves me….no matter what!

Hearing Keith snore at night…yes, I know that’s weird, but I always smile…then I nudge him to roll over.

Going to sleep and waking up next to Keith, the love of my life.

Walking in God’s plan for me.

That I have two awesome children, who are blessed with great spouses, and knowing they all love and serve God.

Those beautiful grandkids….Rylee, Emery, Jaedyn and Liam Baby!

Worship music….especially in the car on the loudest volume possible!

Those ‘ah-ha’ moments with God!

Finding the right scripture that speaks to me at ‘just the right time’ ….God is good.

Quiet mornings by myself on the couch with my first cup of coffee….

And then the end of the day on the couch with Keith and a cup of hot tea.

Watching God do amazing things in my friends’ and families lives.


Attending a church that wants us to take our Light into the world and not hide it in the church.

What makes you smile?

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