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This ‘n That

This summer has been so busy that my blogging has suffered from it. I make attempts to sit and blog, but always get sidetracked! I always thought summer time was a little less hectic than any other time of the year, but this summer has been very busy. I think Keith and I went out of town at least once each month beginning in May. We have never gotten away as much as we did this summer, but we enjoyed each trip we took.

Keith and I are working hard to pull together our 25th Anniversary vow renewal. So far we are on track with everything. The guys ordered their tuxes last week and I am being fitted for my dress tomorrow night. Hopefully I have lost enough weight that it will have to be taken in! I really wanted to loose my back fat since it is strapless and I think I have managed to do that. We’ll see tomorrow night! We are working to pull together as many loves songs from the 80’s that we can find. Some of them are pretty lame, but we loved them back then! I am on the hunt for a topper for the cake. I don’t want the traditional ’25’ that most people use, I want something different. I found a porcelain bride and groom in a dancing position, but can’t find it locally and am too cheap to pay $11.00 to have it shipped! I will be on the hunt this weekend. Also, we aren’t going to do the traditional exchanging of the rings, but want to do something different. Anyone with ideas? I really don’t know what I want to do, but want it to be as non-traditional as possible. We are both writing our own ‘letters’ to each other that we will read in place of the I Do’s. I would love to hear your ideas!

My tomato plants are finally growing some tomatoes! I can’t believe I had to wait all summer to finally get a home grown tomato. Well, one from my own plant anyway. I have eaten tons of them from other people (jealousy inserted here) that had plants that cooperated and produced in the right season. The upside is I have tomatoes now and everyone else is done. Hope I can grow enough to share with those who shared with me.

Rylee and Emery both start pre-school this week. I can’t believe they are both at the age to be doing this! They have grown so fast.

We attended our first Wednesday Night Connection at church last night. It was amazing to watch as people connected with each other. I had expected to encounter times of awkward silence, but that was not what took place at all. People connected right away within each small group that was formed in our class. There was so much laughing going on that it was hard to hear sometimes. If you didn’t come out, I want to encourage you to try it next week. Connecting people to God and to others is what it’s all about.

Keith has been fighting off a sinus infection for what feels like months, but I think it’s only been a couple of weeks. He got a ‘Z’ pack on Wednesday and now he is sick to his stomach. Crazy!

Molly, our mini dachshund, had her first dental visit today. Weird, huh? She has had really bad breath for a few months and Keith noticed her gums were red the other night. So, off to the vet we went. She has gingivitis, was put on an antibiotic and had to have her teeth cleaned. This requires that they put her ‘under’, so it was a day visit for her. She is home now, with white teeth, that by the way were even given a fluoride treatment. Unfortunately she doesn’t have dental insurance and we had to pay out of pocket!

We’ll catch up again real soon!

One thought on “This ‘n That

  1. Winnie,
    I loved reading this! Wow – 25 years of marriage?? Congratulations! I think a vow renewal is such a wonderful idea! I'm sure you will find tons of great decorating ideas at Hobby Lobby! I love the wedding cakes that have flowers as a topper – they are so simple yet so elegant. Whatever you find I'm sure it will be perfect! Oh, and I laughed out loud about the “back fat” – women really think about the craziest things don't we?? You will be beautiful!!!


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