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Night of Fun

I picked up Rylee and Jaedyn on my way home from work last night to sleepover. It had been too long since we had had them over. On the way to the house I asked them what we should do and Rylee said we should eat with “Memory” (aka Emery) and Liam, play at the park and then take Molly (our dog) for a walk. Keith and I had talked about taking them to Chuck E. Cheese, but when I mentioned it to Rylee she said she was scared of him….we didn’t want an evening of hysterics, so I hoped Keith would think their idea was a better one. Once we got to our house Keith checked with Matt and plans were made to meet at the park. Rylee was so excited to see Emery and she immediately complimented his new haircut. She is so grown up and loves hanging out with Emery. We sat down to eat our picnic and every fly in OK made an appearance. It was gross, but we managed to eat real fast. The kids snacked because they were too excited to play and off they went. They really did quite a bit of running around and we took a very long walk to the pond to see the ducks. It was some great exercise for us and the kids had a blast. When it was time to leave the park Emery didn’t understand why he wasn’t going with us. It only took me 1 second to decide Christy needed to run home and get them some sleepover gear and bring them back. His sad face turned happy right away. By the time we left the park it was getting dark, but Rylee didn’t forget that we were going to take Molly for a walk. She was excited to help put Molly’s ‘buckle’ (harness) on. It was a short walk on our street which for little legs was plenty. The kids ran like crazy once Christy got the boys back to our house. One would think they would be worn out from 2 hours at the park….but they weren’t. They played hard until about 10:30, then we settled in for the night. Nana slept with Rylee, Emery and Jaedyn in the guest room and Liam slept with Papa in the king size bed. I still haven’t figured out why it turns out that way, but the kids always want to sleep in the ‘big girl/boy bed’ with Nana… day I will talk them into the king size bed. Hopefully!

Jaedyn and Emery were up first, but at least it was after 8. Once everyone else was up we ate waffles on the back porch, played for a few minutes then came in and got dressed. The kids wanted to take Molly for another walk and let Papa pull them in our wagon. It was a much longer walk than last night, but 3 rode in the wagon while each child had a chance to hold the ‘buckle’ and walk Molly. Molly was exhausted when we got back, but the kids were fired up and ready to go!

On a funny note, Rylee asked if I had a purse she could play with so I pulled one down from the closet and off she went to fill it with cell-phones and sunglasses. Of course, it only took a minute for Emery to realize that she had a purse and he wanted one. So, I dug one out for him, too. He immediately went off to the toy room and filled it with cars. When he came walking out with it on his shoulder Papa wanted to know what he was doing! He said ‘playing with my purse’….to which Papa replied, ‘duffle bag Emery, duffle bag’! I must have heard Keith say that a hundred times last night and this morning. Emery did finally start calling it his duffle bag, but it took quite a bit of brainwashing from Papa first!

We ended our time together with lunch….and then it was time for parents to pick them up. It was great to have them over,but I was ready to relax and sit for a minute! I always enjoy our time with them and sometimes get a little emotional when I realize what a big blessing we have been given in each one of them.

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