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Happy Birthday Keith

Keith’s 49th birthday was Friday. We celebrated at our house with a brisket dinner followed by an ice cream cake. Earlier in the week I asked the little kids what kind of cake we should get for Papa for his ‘happy birthday’. Rylee said a blue star cake and no one else really had an opinion. You can always count on Rylee having ideas/opinions! Anyway, I searched and couldn’t find one, so I got a small ice cream cake and found star candles. After dinner I pulled the cake out and Rylee’s first question was why isn’t it blue! LOL The little ones each chose a candle and we put them on the cake. It was cute to hear them singing Happy Birthday. Emery sang it for the rest of the evening….too cute.

Here are some pictures from the fun family get together.

Visits with the kids always end with horsey rides and they always want to ride together! This horsey is too old for that much weight! However, the horsey’s wife thinks he still the hottest horsey in the barn.

The big kids were there as well, but I didn’t get pictures of them….hmmmmm.

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