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Our Amazing Day

On September 26th, Keith and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary and renewed our wedding vows. It was the most amazing day!!! We planned this event over the last year and did everything in ‘our’ power to make it unforgettable. But, all the planning on our part couldn’t exceed what God did. The sun was shining, the winds were calm and there were butterflies enjoying the flowers that surrounded the ceremony area. Keith and I both woke up at 3 that morning with our heads swirling, knowing that our big day had arrived. At 4 we enjoyed a cup of coffee in bed, talking about the day ahead of us. As the morning kicked off, I was having nervous stomach issues and was a little sick for a few hours and of course somewhat emotional. But, by the time we arrived at the Dominion House, I was walking on air. It was time to change into our formal attire and shoot some family pictures. Our family, including our Pastor, looked amazing all decked out. We had the most awesome photographer, Ashlea Wright, she was all about taking candid shots which we loved…can’t wait to see the pics. We had been praying for good weather since we had been experiencing rain for several weeks, so I was so happy when we saw the sun. God is so good! All praise goes to Him for not only the beautiful day, but for the relationship that Keith and I share.
Thank you to our Pastor for doing an amazing job officiating the ceremony. Herbert and Tiffany have been a huge influence in our lives over the last 6 years and we wanted them to be a part of this celebration. Their example as husband and wife has allowed Keith and I to grow in our relationship with one another. Their spiritual leadership has also guided us to a stronger relationship with God. We are so blessed to be a part of their ministry.
Also, thank you – to all those who shared in this day with us. We were blessed to have all of you share this wonderful celebration with us.
Here are a few pictures from our day. I will post the ‘professional’ photos when we have them.

One thought on “Our Amazing Day

  1. Wow Winnie, your words about us were so precious. Thank you. As I have said before, we were blessed to be a part of your special day. It was inspitarational-you and Keith are inspirational. We love you!


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