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Weekend Off

Keith and I decided we needed to get away this weekend and relax. We have been so busy this last few weeks that we just wanted to get away and ‘chill’. As the weekend got closer we decided we didn’t really want to drive anywhere. A chauffer and a limo would have been nice, but since we don’t have either we decided to stay home. Friday we went to Cheesecake Factory for dinner and enjoyed some shopping before heading home. Once home we snuggled into the couch and watched some recorded TV. It had been a while since we had time to sit and watch any of our recorded shows, so it literally took us all weekend. Of course we also watched the Sooners and Dallas Cowboys games and caught several hours of The President’s Cup. Saturday morning we slept until 7:30, enjoyed coffee and breakfast then settled in for more recorded shows! I made Chicken Marsala for lunch/dinner and we both enjoyed a large bowl of ice cream for dessert…with caramel, fudge and cool whip. 🙂 Sunday’s sleep in time was 8:30…not sure how I slept that long, normally I am awake by 7 with the feeling I have way overslept. I must have needed the extra rest. We enjoyed a late breakfast and did a little bit of laundry, but overall it was another relaxing day. Now we are both chilling on the couch, we have caught up with all our tv and are ending our weekend off with the Tennessee and Indianapolis game. I love these relaxing weekends off. 

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