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Fall Family Fun

We enjoyed a trip to Orr Family Farm early in the fall season. We wanted to take advantage of the warm October weather and spend some quality time with our kids and grandkids. What better way to do it then take them to a place with every kind of fun imaginable. It seemed this year they had added some great fun things to do. The carousel was a hit for the girls, but neither of the little boys would ride a horse, they choose to sit in the benches. But they rode it twice, so the motion doesn’t bother them, just the horses. They played a little in the park, petted a lot of animals and the girls rode the ponies….again the boys weren’t thrilled with the horses! We rode the train….it took a long time and went really slow…not sure what exactly we were looking at. Saw a house, some grass, a pond, maybe a horse or two and some more grass! The kids loved it though, especially when we went by the pond. There were these giant ‘pillows’ for you to jump on…I didn’t jump, but took pictures instead. Everyone else enjoyed a little bit of time on that and then we headed over to the giant bikes. That was a huge hit. We saved the hayride for last so we wouldn’t have to lug around our pumpkins. There was a corn maze that we paid extra to do, but once inside realized it wasn’t an activity for pre-schoolers. They all wanted to be carried after only a few minutes inside. Luckily Matt had taken a picture of the maze map with his iphone before we headed in and he was able to get us out in record time. We did the micro version of the corn maze! I was very thankful for his great navigational skills!

We ended our day at our house with a hot dog/sausage cookout and pumpkin painting. The little kids were very artistic! It was an awesome fall adventure.

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