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Family Pictures

We met a friend/photographer at Hafer Park in Edmond and had family photos taken. This is our first time to do this and we had a blast. It will now be family tradition! We did some posey posey pictures, but the rest were candid photos of us playing. We hid behind trees and threw leaves. Jaedyn wanted to climb a tree, so we put her into one. Keith climbed into it a little later and then pulled me up….old people in a tree.hmmmm. However the little kids thought it was great and a couple of them let us pull them up with us, those will be great photos. I am excited to get them back and will be sure to post a few. After about little over an hour of picture taking and running around the little kids were done. So we called it a day and headed to Steak ‘n Shake….great food and shakes….and of course awesome family time. Keith and I got different burgers and then shared…the Guacamole burger was my favorite. I finished my meal off with a Peppermint Chocolate Shake….YUMMY.
Once again, another fun family adventure.
I love my family

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