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The family met at Matt and Christy’s house on Halloween for pizza and we walked the kiddos around their neighborhood. We had some great costumes this year. Snow White, Mulan, Spiderman and a Fireman were this year’s costumes of choice. I love to see them dressed it. I bought some costumes after Halloween for dress up at Nana and Papa’s house…can’t wait! We headed out after dark, which wasn’t our plan, but we had a pizza issue that I won’t go into! LOL As soon as we stepped out the door Emery said, ‘Nana, I am going to be scared’. I took his hand and told him it would be alright, I wouldn’t let him be scared. He doesn’t like the ‘scary’ things about the holiday and steers clear of them. There were several houses that he wouldn’t go to because there were ghosts or ghoulish characters in the yard or on the porch, but those people were all very nice and came down to the street to give him his candy. There were also a few occasions that we had to stand between him and a scary costume so he wouldn’t see it. However, when he would see a carved pumpkin, he would say ‘It’s okay, it’s just a pumpkin.’! Not his favorite holiday! The rest of the gang did fine, although no matter how many times you said ‘don’t run or you will fall’ they all ran and we did have one accident. No major injuries, just total wipe out on a drive way. We also worked on them saying ‘thank you’, which was usually said as they were running away to the next house! It makes me laugh now at the memory of it.
It was another great family evening….

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