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Quick thoughts…..

1.)I prefer my toenails in the summer time and perfectly polished over the nakedness of them in the winter. They are u.g.l.y without polish!

2.)Wednesday night after our connect groups Keith and I were talking with a friend in the lobby area when their 3 year old niece said something to me that I didn’t understand. I asked her what she said, but still didn’t understand (I hate that). ‘Auntie’ asked her again and she said “you danced with him”, talking to me. For goodness sakes, this little girl remembered Keith and I dancing at our vow renewal reception. How sweet!

3.)Michele took Rylee on a mother/daughter shopping trip this week. Evidently Rylee prefers lip gloss and bling over clothing. During their trip she would walk into the store and if there wasn’t any lip gloss she would say ‘I’m done, let’s go”! Her store of choice on this trip was Claire’s.

4.)Jaedyn turns 3 this month and will be having a Minnie Mouse party.

5.)Surrendering control of my life to God is not a sign of weakness; it is a sign of faith.

6.)I am ready to decorate for Christmas….Keith is not. 🙂

7.)I am enjoying all my new relationships that I am building through Wednesday Night Connect.

8.)Keith and I went to a Mustang/South Moore football game with some friends. This is our first HS football game since we moved here 12 years ago…sad isn’t it. South Moore won, 22-19…it was a great game! We ate at Chilis after the game…didn’t get home and in bed until after midnight..broke curfew..LOL

9.)Keith and I will be reviewing our budget/finances for next year. We want to live off less than we make, give more and save….be better stewards of our money in 2010. If you need to learn how to honor God with your finances I recommend the new series that our church is in called Green Peace. We have 3 experiences for you to choose from- 9:00, 10:30 and 12:00. See you on Sunday…come ready to be blessed!

10.)Emery turns 4 this month and his party will be all about Spiderman

Have a blessed weekend!

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