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Little-Big Things

Sometimes it’s the little things (that are really big things) that make me smile. I am a morning person, to the extreme! I hit the ground running when the alarm goes off each morning at 5:00. I can get more done in the few hours before I go to work than I can in the evening when I get home. I love to get all the ‘home’ stuff done before I leave for work. You know, bills, balance the checkbook, laundry, empty the dishwasher, plan dinner, straighten up, and any other little things that need my attention, plus shower, dress, eat and fix a lunch. I bounce around in the morning from this thing to the next, but feel good when I walk out the door if ‘it’s’ all done. Occasionally there are things that are left undone and while it doesn’t bug me through out the day, it can make me frown once I get home in the evening. One of the things I love to have done, but sometimes don’t get to is making the bed. Wellllll, on the mornings when I don’t get to it, Keith does it for me. I don’t ask him to, I don’t hint at it, I don’t even mention I’m not going to get to it, he just knows. I love when I walk into the bedroom a few minutes before walking out the door and see this.

The funny thing is I will say out loud “Awww, he made the bed” and it makes me smile.
Love you sweetie…thanks for doing this thing that seems little to you, but is really huge to me!

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