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Brrr…it’s chilly

Winter came in officially on Christmas Eve and is hanging on with a tight grip. Last night we listened as the newest blast of winter air blew in and brought the temps down to the teens. I had put a roast on in the crock pot in the morning, so we enjoyed it in the warmth of our house while the north wind blew against the front door. I can’t think of anything better than some good comfort food during the cold temperatures. We still have snow drifts in our front yard from Christmas and our decorative deer are still buried. Of course the lights are still up on the house and around the yard since we haven’t had temps above 40ish. Hope it doesn’t turn out to be Easter before we can get them down! Something about that really bugs me, must be the OCD in me!
The news warned that water pipes would burst if they froze so before we went to bed we turned the faucets on to drip with the cabinet doors open so the heat would reach them. We lost power multiple times during the night…..I know this because the microwave beeps when it comes back on…grrrrrr. We started using a sound machine several years ago and listen to ‘rain’ while sleeping. I jokingly said to Keith, ‘we will know the power goes off if it stops raining’. Well, it did stop raining, but when it came back on it switched sounds and birds were chirping! So, between the beeping of the microwave, the rain quitting and the birds chirping we didn’t get much sleep!
We did have power when we woke up this morning, the pipes weren’t frozen and there was no ice on the roads. That’s HUGE and I was very happy!
Here’s to a better night’s sleep tonight and some more cold weather tomorrow!

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