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1. Matt turned 25 on the 4th. It seems like just yesterday he was learning to drive; time sure flies. We are so proud of the young man he has grown to be. We celebrated at Brandon and Michele’s house with brisket and potatoes. Michele also made mac and cheese and dinner rolls from scratch. It was a great family dinner!

2. Rylee and I had a conversation about ‘having Jesus in our heart’ on New Years Eve. It went like this:

Rylee: Nana, do you have Jesus in your heart?
Me: Yes, Rylee, I do. Do you have Jesus in your heart?
Rylee: Yes
long silence….
Rylee: But, Nana, I don’t remember him going down my ‘froat’ (aka throat)

We ended that conversation with further explanation of how Jesus got into her heart. Not so sure she walked away convinced!

3. We sang my favorite (okay one of my favorite) songs on Sunday, From the Inside Out, by Hillsong. I love that no matter what, God loves me, when I fail, he picks me up and puts me back on track for his ultimate purpose…..and I want to continue to grow in him from the inside out!

4. Keith and I ate at IHOP on Saturday morning before we headed out for some shopping, it was great. On Sunday we ate at Jimmy’s Egg before he took me to the airport….it was way better. Our new favorite place for breakfast is Jimmy’s Egg!

5. Our church is beginning 2010 with a fast. Keith and I talked about it and decided we are going to fast tv in the evening and spend that time together in prayer and bible reading. I am excited to do this with him.

6. We also received a bible reading plan this past Sunday from our church that we intend to use this year. I am looking forward to growing in my relationship with God by reading his word and my relationship with Keith by discussion from what we read.

7. I finally found a store that sells dress pants in my size in Long! It is so hard to find pants or jeans long enough. I am over the top happy! *Woot*Woot*

8. Keith and I are planning several spring and summer getaways. I am ready for time away to relax.

9. We are looking forward to the Wednesday Night Connect starting back up on the 20th of this month. We met so many new people last semester and have formed some new relationships.

10. On Friday night Keith rented several movies and we ordered pizza. It was a great stay at home date night. One of the movies we watched was My Sister’s Keeper…okay, this was a huge tear jerker. It was good, but very sad.

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