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Oklahoma Snows

We have had more snow this winter than I can remember in the 13 years we have lived here. I love the snow and enjoyed every flake that fell, including the blizzard on Christmas Eve. I had to have Matt drive me home from work because I couldn’t see, but once I was safe and sound I thought it was a perfect way to spend Christmas. I was a little worried that Matt would be stuck at our house, but Brandon, our son in law was able to drive over in his truck and take him home. Of course that was after he and his cousins drove around Mustang pulling people out of ditches. He was completely in his element that day. Thanks Brandon!
I took some pics of the snow that was piled up around our house at Christmas
and even had Matt measure the drifts on our back patio, but
my picture taking abilities really don’t do it justice.

I love the icicles that form on the edge of the house…..

I also like the way the snow in our yard and around our house looks from the street! Sorry to see the snow season pass, but I am ready for Spring…and my tulips are already trying to grow! Crazy!

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