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Brandon’s Birthday

We celebrated Brandon’s birthday at our house with the whole gang. I love when we all get together……I love my family.

Brandon is our son in law and is truly a blessing to us. We have enjoyed having him in our family and look forward to a bazillion more birthdays with him

I made a chocolate cake with chocolate icing for him and then let the little kids decorate. It cracks me up that ‘sprinkles’ turn into piles when they decorate. I let each one pick a candle to put on the cake….32 candles would have set off the smoke alarm! Once we sang Happy Birthday they all helped him blow them out. It was a great evening!

One thought on “Brandon’s Birthday

  1. Hi Winnie!
    That cake looks delicious!! It sounds like you all had a fun celebration together!
    I'm blogging again – I lost all my blog feeds and had to go back in and re-enter every blog I was following! I have tried for two days and I can not get yours to link back up – I'm not sure why – but I'm going to keep checking back up on you (and trying to get you back on my list!) 🙂

    Have a great day!


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