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Affair of the Heart

I have lived in OKC for 13 years now and have never gone to Affair of the Heart, but have always wanted to. So, this year I was determined to go and check it out. I have the sewing/create bug right now and thought I could probably be inspired if I took the time to go. As the day got closer I still hadn’t found anyone to go with me and while I wouldn’t mind going alone, shopping is always more fun with a friend! I mentioned to Keith that I hadn’t found anyone to go with me and he offered to go. What a guy! I know he probably could have thought of a thousand other things to do that day, but instead he choose to go to a giant craft market with me.

I have always heard it is a huge affair, but was really shocked at how many cars we saw when we pulled up on that Saturday. We did manage to find an ‘up close’ parking spot and headed towards the ‘line’. We got our map and I purchased a bag to carry all my goodies in and off we went. It is amazing the things people create with a t-shirt and some tulle, or fabric and tulle or wood and tulle—LOL I saw lots of tulle! I would share some pictures, but there was a sign when we entered that said ‘no photos’! I was bummed since I had hoped to take a ton. We walked through the first building (there were 7) and my ‘bag’ was still empty. However, we did find a wall hanging for our bedroom….I love this saying.

They held it at the booth so we didn’t have to lug it around, so yes, after the first building my bag was still empty. After several additional buildings we found all the people for all the cars we saw in the parking lot. LOL In the end we found some great Rosemary/Garlic dipping oil, several packages of spices to make chili and gumbo and Molly got a new collar with some bling.

It was a lot of walking, but we enjoyed looking at all the creativity that was there. Now I am inspired to make something…hmmm..let me think….probably something with tulle!

I can’t wait for the next time Affair of the Heart comes to town; I even saved my bag so I wouldn’t have to spend $1 on a new one!

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