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My Special Valentine

Keith surprised me (in a big way) with a singing Valentine at work. I was in a meeting with my boss when I looked up and saw a familiar face peaking in…immediately I knew he (Caleb) was there to sing! He has become our personal anniversary, vow renewal and Valentines singer! I jumped up screaming and clapping…yes, I was acting like an idiot, but I LOVE~LOVE~LOVE when Keith has Caleb sing for/to me! And Keith had totally surprised me! It turns out that Caleb brought his group (Wild & Sweet) so all 5 filed into my office and sang Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You, and I’m Yours. They sang I’m Yours acappella , both songs were amazing. They are amazing singers! There were a ton of people in my office and hanging out in my assistant’s office, but I can’t tell you who…I was oblivious to anyone but Keith and the singers. It’s funny I have heard people say that before and thought they were crazy, but I really didn’t see anyone else! Later I heard from lots of ladies that Keith is the best (which I know) and that they cried….well, so did I! Unfortunately no one got any of this on camera…………..*sniff*sniff* But, it is forever etched in my memory as one of the BEST Valentines Days ever.

Love you Keith…

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