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25 Things you might not know about me…..

1. As a child I lived in Maryland (twice), California (twice) Washington, and Texas (twice), my Dad was in the Navy.

2 As an adult I have lived in Texas (three times) Oklahoma (twice) Tennessee, and Alaska (twice), Keith was in the Coast Guard.

3. I didn’t get my drivers license until I was 19……but I still drove!

4. I grew up without air conditioning. My Dad installed it after living in the house for almost 25 years!

5. My first job was a summer job as a grill cook at a skating rink in Corpus Christi.

6. I met Keith in Sallisaw OK….and we lived happily ever after.

7. Even though we moved a lot when I was young, I only went to two schools.

8. I wasn’t a popular person in school.

9. I tried out for cheerleader my freshman year of high school….didn’t make it.

10. I took Cosmetology classes during my junior and senior year…but never got my license.

11. We had a black and white TV until I was in Junior High.

12. I always wanted to be a teacher while I was growing up. Thought seriously about going to college about 15 years ago, but changed my mind.

13. I will turn 50 in April… Hong Kong.

14. I love to sing in the car with the music blasting.

15. I would like to go to a class reunion and see the people I went to school with.

16. I love to cook, especially with Keith.

17. I drug out the sewing machine and will start sewing again. I have always enjoyed it!

18. I am not a huge fan of flying, but will do it when I have to.

19. I love being a Nana.

20. I love being a friend to everyone…and best friend to Keith.

21. I became a fan of the Minnesota Vikings this passed season…laugh if you want to, but I have never followed one particular team and liked they way they beat the pants off of the Steelers…I also realized that Adrian Peterson was a Viking..woot woot.

22. I don’t enjoy watching basketball, baseball , hockey, tennis or golf.

23. I love being a part of our church, Peoples Church.

24. I have dog named Molly. She is a miniature Dachshund.

25. Right now my favorite song is ‘Then’ by Brad Paisley.

One thought on “25 Things you might not know about me…..

  1. I love your list!! I learned a lot about you and Keith too (didn't know he was in the Coast Guard!). Wow, you will be in Hong Kong on your birthday? How exciting! I hope you take lots of pictures to post!
    Great list 🙂


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