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I got the ‘create’ bug during the holidays when we were snowed in. I have always loved to create things and before I started working I did a lot of it. I love to crochet, craft, scrapbook and sew. I had a friend when Keith and I first got married that did a lot of sewing; she taught me the basics and Keith bought me my first sewing machine. I spent the next 15 or so years sewing most of the kids summer clothes (remember jams?) and loved sewing Michele’s dresses for special occasions. The kids grew up and didn’t really want to wear those homemade outfits anymore so the sewing machine went in the closet. That sewing machine got broke when we were moving 2 years ago and I asked Keith for a new one. He came through and surprised me with one, but I just didn’t take the time to put it to use until a month ago when I decided I needed to start sewing for the grandkids. Now I am searching the internet on a regular basis for fun things to craft or sew. I am in the middle of an apron, but since the machine was new and digital it took me a while to figure it out…I am not a professional at all and technology challenged…so that was a process. I finally have it figured out and plan to do a lot of sewing now. Be watching for updates on what I create!

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  1. Can I place an order? You would be proud of me… I made the invitations for a friends wedding shower and everyone loved them! I told them I learned everything from you!


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