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Tulle Time

A few weeks ago Hobby Lobby had rolls of tulle on sale ($1.99) and I invested in some..well, quite a few..LOL

I have seen a lot of tulle tutus on the internet, in gift shops and at The Affair of the Heart, but I thought they were pretty spendy, so I decided I needed to learn how to make them. I found several tutorials on the internet, but this one was the easiest to follow. (
When working on the first one, I wrapped/tied the strips so tight that it took a lot more tulle than it probably should have. I actually had cut 56 strips to make two and used them all for the first one! I tied the strips so tight that it rolled the elastic and was stretching it as I tied the strips. I didn’t use anything to support the elastic and by holding it in my hand I was stretching it as I tied the tulle. It all worked out, but the tutu was pretty full when I was done.
I decided when I worked on my next one to put the elastic over one of my decorative pillows that was long and narrow. This kept the elastic from stretching and I was able to control how tight I tied the tulle. I am not sure how many strips I used on this one, probably about 35, but it was a lot easier to work with on the pillow. Using a narrow pillow (or something of that shape )as a ‘model’ is highly recommended.
I made these for my beautiful granddaughters and took them over during my lunch this week. They were a little shy and not sure what to make of them, but after a few minutes they tried them on. I forgot to take my camera to take some pics, but figured I catch them at some point. After I returned to the office Michele texted me these silly photos.

They took turns wearing both tutus….crazy girls!

I am looking for more things to do with tulle, so if you have some ideas please share them.
I’ve got to be tulle-ing along!
Be blessed!

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