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Chele’s 29th Birthday

We celebrated Michele’s 29th Birthday last week. Yes, she is really 29 this year. Not sure how she will handle it next year, go for 30 or stay 29! LOL 🙂 We met at our house and had pizza, salad and cookies from Johnnie’s Creations. I thought I would do something different and have cookies instead of cake, but I realized that afternoon the little kids would not understand if we didn’t have candles on a cake and sing Happy Birthday. I recently started a new tradition where I make the birthday cake and let the little kids add sprinkles and each one put a candle in the cake. So, after I picked up the cookies I realized they would be a little confused if we didn’t ‘decorate’ a cake for Mommy/Aunt Chele. I mean, what’s a birthday without candles and singing? So, I stopped at Wally World and grabbed a little cake to put candles on. Everyone tried a cookie, but all the little guys wanted cake, too. They were on a huge sugar high after all the sweets….it was quite fun!

We enjoyed another chance to celebrate one of our children and have some great family time.

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