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Easter this year was a simple dinner, lots of egg hunting and great family time. This year I decided to grill chicken, roast potatoes and baked some asparagus, it was quite yummy if I do say so. We also had dinner rolls and salad with cookies for dessert.

The weather was perfect for egg hunting and the little kids all ‘got it’ this year so it was fun to watch them running around trying to get the most eggs. We have a ‘big kid’ hunt as well and this year the prize egg was found by Matt….again! Our yard is smaller than our old house so we borrowed our neighbor’s front yard as well and the hunt was on. Brandon and Michele found their egg quickly, but Matt and Christy needed help!

We wait until everyone has an egg before they open them……

Matt had the prize egg…$50 and the rest of them got a $1. Next year Brandon is donating the money since he could pull a $100 out of his pocket for this picture!

Beautiful weather, great food and lots of laughter….what more could I want!


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