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Texas Trip…Sister Fun

Keith and I took a weekend trip to visit my Mom in Port Aransas and attend their annual Sandfest. We picked my sister Melanie up in Dallas; she flew in from New Hampshire. I have missed her! We stopped in Austin for the night and enjoyed some great Mexican food at Papasitas…yummmmm. When we got back to the room my sister gave me a gift…a very special gift from Victoria’s Secret! Since I am nearly 50 (just a few more days) I had to laugh at myself for thinking I should/could wear this special gift, but hey….I have to say I love them and am severely addicted now! We made a trip to the store once we got back to OKC and I loaded up! I am now a card carrying Victoria’s Secret fan! How did I miss this store all these years?

One of the things I do as soon as we cross the border is find me some Diet Big Red…..I love this and can’t find it OKC. I always bring home a 24 pack to enjoy until we go again. If you ever go to Texas this is a great gift to pick up for me! LOL
My other sister, Dee, and her husband drove in from Houston and the three of us sisters together made for a great time! I felt bad for Keith because it turned into a ‘girl trip’ since the 3 of us hadn’t been together in a long time. It was loud and obnoxious, but oh so fun! 🙂 By the way, she had just recently discovered VS and was wearing some fun stuff as well…..we laughed so hard! It was a quick trip to Texas, only a day and a half visit, but we managed to fit in a ton of stuff.
One of our favorite places to eat while we are there is The Rusty Jeep, great owners and awesome barbecue. Here we are having one of our sister moments! LOL

Mel drove back to OKC with us and we had Monday together….that was VS day…over the top fun! We also hit up Hobby Lobby since she doesn’t have one, then we met the girls and kids at the park and had a McDonald’s picnic. Those little guys love Auntie Mel-Mel……a fried chicken dinner at Michele’s courtesy of those big girls ended our day.

I hated to see Mel leave….wish she lived closer, but we hope to get up to that part of the country in September. However, there is a new house being built right behind us that she could move into if she really wanted! (Hint Hint)

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