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Conversations with the kids

We kept the girls this weekend while Michele was in the hospital and I wanted to share several conversations I had with them:

While driving to our house with the girls on Friday evening, weather became the topic of conversation. Rylee recently learned about tornado safety in her preschool class and shared her knowledge with her little sister, Jaedyn. They asked me to open the sunroof and this conversation began:

Jaedyn: Nana, the sky is blue, no tomatoes come when the sky is blue.

Me: What, sweetie?

Jaedyn: Tomatoes come when the clouds start moving, right Nana? You have to go the bathroom or the celery if a tomato comes. If a tomato comes do you want to go to the celery or the bathroom, Nana?

Me; (laughing to myself) Well, sweetie, if a tornado comes where will you go?

Jaedyn: I will go to the celery, so you can come with me. The celery has stairs and you go down and sit on the chairs.

Got to love her! On Monday, they ended up in the celery because of the tomatoes!

On Saturday morning the girls and I went to Target to find Mommy a Mother’s Day present and card. We picked out some earrings, then wandered over and got them both some sunglasses. Once we had the cards picked out, we found a cute little bag and headed over to get me some lipstick. They both found some chapstick and we decided we could buy the 3 pack and give one to Mommy. Rylee wanted to carry everything in one hand so we rearranged it all so she could. Satisfied that I had spent enough money 😉 I said, ‘alright, let’s go check out’. And Rylee replied, ‘wait, I still have an empty hand’! I laughed and told her I loved her, but we had found everything we needed for now. Got to love her! Shopping is in her DNA!

One thought on “Conversations with the kids

  1. I always loved it when Lyric talked about “tomatoes!” It's so neat to see how they associate new words with what they already know!


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