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Emery is our oldest Grandson. Last weekend while he was over I caught this picture of him. I decided it was ‘blog about Emery’ time!
He loves to write his name and I am so proud that at 4 he does it so well. He loves to draw with the chalk on our back patio and can fill every space available in no time. He drew a few cars and a long and winding road for them to drive on before adding his name. Hmmm maybe he is going to be an artist!

Emery is our picky eater…well, they are all picky, but he is the pickiest (is that a word). He can eat you out of house and home when it comes to fruit snacks (the gummy kind) and is pretty serious about what kind we buy. Right now his favorite is Toy Story!

He loves to play with cars, well, not really play with them, he analyses them and lines them up. 🙂 He knows a Hot Wheels from a generic or Mattel…he prefers Hot Wheels. He has a ton of them and can tell you if you get him one he already has. He really likes Monster Trucks right now and has quite a library of them. He is working on a complete set!

He is very quiet and shy, and doesn’t like large crowds. However, when he is playing Hide and Seek with Papa, he can scream pretty loud when Papa jumps out to scare him. He loves to laugh and tickling is a good game to play with him. He enjoys watching a movie and loves when we have popcorn to go with it. He is also a great snuggle bunny!

Being a Nana to Emery makes my heart happy!

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