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The Big 5-Oh

Yep, I turned 50 last month. It is really hard for me to believe that I am 50; I feel like I should quiz the Bureau of Vital Statistics to be sure I was actually born in 1960 and not much, much later! It is weird to say I am 50…I should mention that I don’t feel 50 at all. I am just hitting the ground and running, so I must be about 35ish!

I had a great surprise birthday party courtesy of my wonderful husband and family. They gathered some of my favorite people together at a local restaurant and we enjoyed some food, laughs and awesome-over-the-top (not over the hill) Italian Creme Cake. I have a great friend who makes the best cakes and she made this one! Thanks Kristi!

I received some great gifts…the best was an Ipod Touch from Keith and lots of Itunes gift cards from friends and family to fill the Ipod with great music before my business trip.

I left the day before my birthday for the business trip to China so my birthday actually started 12 hours before it was suppose to due to the International Dateline! It ended up being a very loooonnng day! It was great to be able to celebrate again with friends from work at a great restaurant in Hong Kong. Who can say they turned 50 in Hong Kong, well, except for the locals! LOL I received tons of Happy Birthday messages on facebook from friends and family. Thanks to everyone who helped make my day special.

I am truly blessed with an awesome family and great friends.

P.S. Age is just a number!

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