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Gone too long…

I have been gone from blogging for too long. I check my favorites everyday and frown at myself for being so far behind. In my defense (if I get one) we’ve had a real busy summer so far and enjoyed every minute of it. Let’s see if I can catch you up:
We took a trip to Tennesse on Memorial weekend to visit Keith’s family and had a fantastic time. It was like a mini reunion at Keith’s Dad’s house with his brother and sister and their spouses.  We celebrated Father’s Day on Sunday after going to church with his Dad.  We also took a trip around town and saw places they lived, and places they played.  I always enjoy visiting his hometown…there is so much family there and tons of history. Keith comes from a very close family and I love being a part of that.
In June we took a trip to Disney World…it was the best vacation we’ve taken….well since last year! LOL We planned this trip during the winter and really had a hard time waiting for the date to arrive. Seeing all the Princesses was the best and I even stood in line with all the little girls to have my picture taken with them….yes, I did! I love Cinderella….and she called me Your Highness. 🙂 I used the excuse that the pics were for my granddaughters, but they were really for me. We also saw Woody and Jesse…and yes, I stood in line to get my picture taken with them as well. We visited two of the parks and spent one day at each, it was fun, but hot and we were exhausted when we got back to our hotel. If we ever do this again, it will be a one park visit! Keith’s sister and husband live in the Orlando area so we spend a day and night visiting with them. They really enjoy living there, but the humidity is too much for me! The highlight of this trip, well besides seeing Cinderella, was meeting up with some friends we were stationed with in Kodiak, AK back in 88-89. Dave and Kathi were our across the street neighbors and had 2 children that were the same age as Matt and Chele. We hadn’t seen each other in 21 years! Meeting up with Kathi the first night at our hotel was great….we enjoyed some catch up time around the pool and then sat in one of the hotel restaurants and caught up some more. The next night she and Dave picked us up and we headed to Downtown Disney and ate at Rainforest Cafe… was GREAT. I really missed them. Kathi and I were ‘coffee buddies’ when we were neighbors. We would get the kids off to school and then I would run over to her house (most of the time in my pjs) and we would drink coffee and talk until it was time to pick up our preschooler! It was a great friendship and I was so happy to find her son on facebook and get reconnected with her. We are already planning some additional visits!
So, here we are in July…..Rylee turned 5 (or a whole hand) but I will have a separate blog for that very special girl and her very special day. We spent the first week back from vacation trying to get back into our groove and then we had the 4th. I got my days mixed up…thought Monday was the 4th, it was the 5th and planned a cookout with the kids. Keith asked me why we were cooking out that day and I said to celebrate the 4th and he said, but it’s the 5th. Really? I was thrown off because we had Monday off! Or maybe it’s just old age. Either way, we ended up cooking out and eating a lot that weekend, but all of it was fantastic. Living in Mustang gives you the opportunity to enjoy a lot of fireworks at our neighbors expense…the shows this year were great!
Last night I had a Ladies get together at my house….we had a great group and did a lot of laughing. I told the ladies to bring their ‘drama gene’ but no one caught on, so when I formed groups of 3, gave them a choice of gift bags with 5 random items in it, they were shocked to know they would be creating a commercial using those items. If only I had a video camera! The commercials were GREAT! Thanks ladies for being good sports….and Geneva, start reading between the lines….Paula, did you sell any of those Scrunchies? I love hanging out with my friends and look forward to forming great friendships. This will be a monthly get together and I already have the next 3 months planned out! August-baby picture night, Sept.-Spa Night and October-Tea Party.
Well, that catches you up to today…I hope I am back on track and keep this updated more!
Here’s to hoping!
Be Blessed!

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