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Me + Him= Us

I sometimes think about the differences in our personalities….and thought I would
share them, but in a humorous way! I laughed …..
I can be up and going at the sound of the alarm. I hit the ground running!
Keith hits the snooze button at least once and hits the ground a little slower than me!

I am neat and organized. I am not a big fan of clutter or nic-nacs. I do most of my housekeeping first thing in the morning.

Keith is best described as a ‘collector’! Nuf said!

Keith is a ‘hands on’ personality! (again, nuf said)

I, well, I am not always so hands on!

He has a little bit of a heavy gas pedal foot…but has managed to escape OHP…lol

I am that person always doing the speed limit that has ‘bumper huggers’!

We are both very different, but we make up US! And US is very good! I love the man that God has blessed me with and wouldn’t trade any of the days, months or years that we have shared!

One thought on “Me + Him= Us

  1. As long as you're doing those legal-and-below speeds in the right lane, you'll get no honks from me!

    It's so neat that a couple of opposites make up a very happy, well-rounded whole.


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