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Just One Thing…..

On the way into work this morning the DJ on the radio asked this question, ‘What one thing are you looking forward to this week?’ Well, I have to say my immediate thought was Friday! Then I thought maybe I better think a little harder about it and I decided I really wanted a Pumpkin Spice Latte, so maybe that was my answer. Then a few minutes longer into my ride to work and a little more thought I came up with several things I really am looking forward to this week:

• Meeting with the group of people that are working along side us to take Peoples Church Starting Point ministry to the next level.

• Contacting the Ladies from Connect.Me that showed an interest in my once a month Ladies Night Group

• Getting things together for Keith’s 50th Birthday on Saturday

• Finishing a novel I started about a month ago

• Putting the final touches on what to share at the upcoming Ladies Night

• Watching the final Bourne Identity movie…yay Netflix!

• Continuing the search for new drapes for my back windows…we have neighbors behind us now and I have to find drapes that close. 😦

Those are the things I am looking forward to this week….

What is one thing that you are looking forward to this week? Can you think of just one thing? I couldn’t….LOL


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