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He’s at the 50 yard line…..

Keith celebrated his 50th birthday recently…..seems he gets sexier with each year. I am smiling as I type this thinking about the man that he is. He is an awesome husband, father and Papa. We have known each other for over ½ of our lives…sounds weird, doesn’t it? Actually it makes us sound old……..
We celebrated by having the kids over, cooking out and filled the swimming pool for the little kids. His birthday gift from me was tickets to a Dallas Cowboy home game. A good friend was selling some of his season tickets due to the arrival of his new baby, thanks Sammy. He and Matt are going on a Father/Son trip to the game. They will have great seats with a VIP Pass to the tunnel to see the players! Woot Woot. He was really excited about the tickets…he loves his Cowboys. Michele created this CD to peak his interest when he opened the gift, great job, Chele.

I wanted his cake to say ‘Age is like underwear, it creeps up on you’, but Michele thought “OU are old” sounded better and I agreed! The bakery that made his cake did a great job…it was red velvet. Yummy.

Happy 50th Birthday Keith!

Love you!

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