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Wow!!! It has been a looonnng time since I was able to blog. In my defense (if I get one) I have been writing, but the computer hasn’t always cooperated and so I have a lot of blogs stacking up. Now that we have replaced the dinosaur with a quick running computer I am able to get back to regular blogging. So, rather than bore you with the multiple blogs from my archive I thought I would do a quick ‘catch u up’ and then get back to the regular blogging.

  • Ladies Night (this is my new favorite thing) is a night at my house once a month with a GREAT group of ladies that I didn’t know before opening my home! I have wanted to do this for a very long time and finally took a leap of faith.. July was our first get together and we have been going and growing ever since! We have themed nights and each one has been fun and exciting! If you haven’t had a chance to come I hope you will try to make it out in 2011. Our next get together in January 21st!
  • Jaedyn Alexis, our youngest granddaughter turned 4 in November. We took her out for her birthday outing to Build a Bear and she got Clarice. (Rudolph’s Lady Friend) We really had fun putting her together and picking out her clothes. Buying shoes for a reindeer can be rather expensive since there are 4 feet to cover! We ate lunch and then had some ice cream at Braums…Clarice, too! Love my new 4 year old Jaedyn!
  • Emery, our oldest grandson, also had a birthday in November, he turned 5! I can’t believe how fast they are all growing. Emery wanted McDonald’s for his birthday lunch, not our favorite place for a meal, but it was HIS birthday. When we picked him up he told me he already new what he wanted and it was a dinosaur at Target. So, off to Target we went, but once there he decided he didn’t want that after all. We walked around forever and then he asked to go to Toys R Us! We walked around there for quite a while, played on tons of things and then he finally picked out a car-related toy! Of course! Enjoying Emery being a ‘whole hand’!
  • Thanksgiving was awesome! Keith and I went to Cracker Barrel for our Thanksgiving Day dinner together….we waited an hour and a half, but it was well worth it. They really do have a great meal and we enjoy walking around the gift shop. I think this puts us in the ‘old category’ for enjoying it so much! I had a ‘moment’ during our meal when I welled up with tears missing my Dad…but was able to ‘get a hold of myself’ before they turned into a full blown cry fest! No matter how many years go by, the holidays are always the hardest for me. Miss you Dad! We celebrated Thanksgiving on Saturday with the kids and grandkids….I love this day with them. Keith had put one of our trees up on Friday and the little kids and I decorated it. It was so much fun! The cutest memory I will keep forever was all of them singing Jingle Bells while we were hanging ornaments…yes, I am tearing up! Then you have to laugh out loud when I tell you the words that Jaedyn was singing “Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way, Old McDonald likes to ride in a one horse open sleigh’!  🙂 She loves to sing so much she just makes up her own versions! Since all the ornaments were only on the bottom of the tree and sometimes 4-6 deep on a branch, we took a few minutes to hand them up to Nana so we could fill the top of the tree, too. Then we went outside and looked at it from the street….of course it was beautiful. Keith and the boys put up the lights on the house…it’s nice to have the younger guys around for this. That way I don’t have to worry about Keith falling…you know we aren’t getting any younger!
One final thing…we had family pictures done again this year…I have changed all my blog pictures to photos from this latest photo shoot. It was hard to give up the vow renewal photos, but I have a gorgeous family and the little kids are growing so fast!

I am blessed with an awesome family and God has been so good to us!


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