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Unforgettable Moments

1. Picked Rylee up from school recently, she ran, jumped into my arms and said “Nana I love you’!

2. Conversation with Keith one morning this past week:
             Keith: Off to the races
             Me: Hope you win and bring home the big prize, you know the million?
             Keith: I got the big prize the day I married you…
             Me: *melted*

3. Family dinners….

4. Listening to Jaedyn chatter about her day at school on the days I am blessed to be able to pick her up.   Love love love these times.  Treasure them.

5. Listening to Michele tell me about the weeks worth of meals she cooked and froze for Brandon and the girls.

6. Dinner dates with some of my favorite girlfriends. And the conversations we had about ‘girl stuff’. Thanks ladies!

7. Making new friends.

8. Tickle hugs with Emery & Liam.

9. Laughing at nothing uncontrollably with my husband.

10. Weekend getaways….and we didn’t go anywhere…we just shut out the world for 48 hours. Necessary!

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