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The calendar says spring…

But, the weather says winter. It’s 48, overcast and windy! Only in OK can you see all the seasons in a week!  I have 1/2 day off and had big plans of working in the flower beds…you know, the same flower beds that I said I was going to work in last week.  Yea…not happening today. Unfortunately it didn’t happen last week either!  So, instead I sit here with the laptop on my lap listening to the 40 mph winds blowing outside, Keith snoring on the couch beside me and the heater clicking on.  Weird!  The heater, not the wind or snoring…very use to those two things!

We were suppose to be in sunny south Texas this weekend enjoying some time with my Mom and soaking up the sun on the sandy beaches.  Unfortunately all the (hmmm select your words carefully) people running the US couldn’t come up with the ‘right’ budget , so the government was put on ‘hold’ and Keith’s leave was cancelled.  Of course, God always has a better plan and tonight we are going to spend some much needed one on one time with our beautiful daughter.  Excited!

We are also going to head out to the movies in a little while.  Keith needed a nap…that happens when you get up there in years!  I have heard tons of great things about Soul Surfer and remember when that incident happened so I am excited to see it. 

Well, that’s all I’ve got for now….catch y’all later!

Please continue to pray for Sean, our nephew.  He was diagnosed with lung cancer several weeks ago, has had one round of chemo, but is finally home in his own bed!  He has more treatments ahead of him, but we are all believing God for a miracle! (Hmmm, But, God)  Imagine that!


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