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Hoppy Easter!

When the little ones arrived yesterday they each had an envelope from the ‘Easter Bunny’. Inside the envelopes were photos of a stuffed animal that ‘he’ had hidden somewhere in Nana’s house. Their faces where priceless! I told them to only find the animal in their picture, if they found one that wasn’t theirs, they had to keep it secret. They were really good at keeping the secret and of course that bunny did a great job hiding them! It was so cute to see how excited they were when they found their prize!
Since it was raining outside we did all of our egg hunting inside as well. Next up was the ‘big kids’. It has become a tradition that we hide 4 eggs; 3 have $1 and one has the big prize in it. This is our 4th year to do this and Matt and Christy have dominated in the prize finding in the previous years! It was a little more difficult to hide them inside, but Keith and I found some pretty clever places. This year’s winner was Brandon! Woot Woot! It only took about 10 minutes for everyone to find one this year…unlike last year and the hours and hours that the girls spent looking! LOL
Next I took the little kids into another room and the adults ‘hid’ eggs for them to hunt. There were several questions about the bunny coming to my house and did I see him….made me smile! Then it was time to hunt eggs……..never saw 4 kids run so fast. Love the laughter and screeching that happens when these little guys are in my house. Being a Nana, blesses my heart!
We spent the rest of the evening playing hide and seek, Mario Kart, Keith gave pony rides and then we played hide the stuffed animal. It was all a hit. It’s so much fun watching the kids play together, listening to their conversations and hearing their laughter.
Somewhere in all that madness we managed to eat burgers that Keith grilled in the rain! Thanks sweetie, you’re the best! Once again we had some great family time!

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