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My 51st Birthday!

Yep, just had another one…this year it kind of crept up on me! But, I have to say it was the best birthday EVER. I can’t put my finger on one thing that made it the ‘best ever’, there were many things. I had a ‘ton’ of well wishes on my facebook (humbling), birthday cards in the mail, text messages, my daughter called me first thing in the morning, my husband got me 3 (yes 3) Thunder (Harden #13) shirts, my co-workers brought cupcakes (yummy), cards, presents and decorated my office. I think I smiled the whole day, which isn’t too unusual, but since I was what I consider ‘officially over the hill’ I wasn’t so sure how my ‘heart’ would take it. I did pretty well with the whole thing. So, just when I couldn’t wipe the smile off my face I got home to a beautiful rose arrangement from a sweet friend and huge example in my life. Then Keith took me to Cheevers for dinner…it was our first time and I have to say we thoroughly enjoyed it. They sent me home with a HUGE piece of carrot cake for my birthday. It was yummy. And then the best of all, the thing that probably put it over the top, Keith got me a 90 minute hot stone massage! Oh yeah, it’s gonna be good and I can’t wait!

So, why smile at turning 51? Because I am where I should be in my life; walking beside a wonderful man of God, serving in a church that is all about more changed lives, Mother to 2 wonderful children, Mother in law of two and Nana of 4. What more could a lady of 51 ask for?

Thank you Lord for another great year and I look forward to the things you have for me in the coming year! I am ready to step off the shore into the water…way out into the deep!


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