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I decided to change up my hair style. I have worn it short for quite a while. Years in fact. It’s a style that requires lots of  hairspray and staying out of the wind. Really? I live is OK, where the wind comes whipping down the trail on a daily basis!  One hair out of place and the whole thing looks bad.  Well, in my opinion anyway.  So, I decided to let it grow out a little bit, let it be a style that doesn’t require a can of extra firm hold hairspray at completion.  I want to be able to brush it during the day if it needs it. So, here is what I am shooting for.
It’s still short, but looks managable. We’ll see how it goes.  The growing out time can be awkward and frustrating, so I hope I make it passed that.  I am going to keep reminding myself that I want to give up mass quantities of extra strong firm hold hairspray!  Hope it works! Think of the money I’ll save!
Oh and if my lips and eyes will look this good, why not? Right?!

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