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Have a good day!

This is something I say everyday to a number of people. I say it to Keith as he walks out the door each day, to the clerk at the grocery store, the receptionist and people I interact with at work. As I said this to Keith as he walked out the door this morning, I thought about how many times I say it. I mean really, it’s almost a thoughtless comment, but it shouldn’t be. The word ‘have’ has a lot of different meanings by the way it is used. In this situation it is an action verb…telling us to experience a good day. We determine how our day is going to be by how we react to the experiences throughout the day. I had to think about the times people have said it to me and my first thought was ‘yeah, right’. I typically have the kind of day that circumstances have dictated rather than the day I know God has purposed and planned for me. Sometimes (well a lot of times) my day goes with how my morning starts, this is probably typical of all of us. Sometimes it is just that my hair won’t fix right that starts me on the ‘bad day’ track! I have determined over the last month that my attitude throughout the day will be one that reflects a ‘good day’. It’s not always easy, but each time I allow my attitude to be ‘bad’ the devil wins….and I refuse to let him have any victory in my life! The next time you say ‘have a good day’ to someone think of it as a ‘mini’ prayer that they would experience God’s best for them that day.
Experience God’s best today!

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