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One Glorious Day!

Friday was my first day off after starting part-time.  I had a tough time going to sleep the night beforet!  It was almost like Christmas–ha.  So here is what happened on this glorious first day:

  •  I’ve decided to continue getting up at my usual morning time…so popped out of bed at 5.
  • Did the usual dog stuff and made my first cup of coffee
  • Sipped that cup of coffee on my big comfy couch in my snuggly warm robe.
  • At about 6 I got dressed and turned on the porch light for the girls. (:
  • I fixed Keith a cup of coffee when he got out of the shower, offered him breakfast-he said no, offered to make his lunch-he thought about it and said no, then asked him what he wanted for dinner before our movie date tonight–he just stared at me in the mirror.  Okay, maybe I was a little too perky for him, so I said we’d talk later. (LOL)
  • I got myself ready and then heard the girls come in–love hearing Rylee’s laugh first thing in the morning.
  • Lots of hair primping, teeth brushing and other get-ready-for-school stuff happened for about an hour
  • Then out the door we (Rylee, Jaedyn and me) went to take  Rylee to school.
  • Jaedyn and I ran to the grocery store after that for some juice (I was out) and the car needed gas.
  • Home again for breakfast for the two of us….and another cup of coffee!
  • I got a few things done and made my bed (:
  • Talked with Michele on the phone…twice!
  • Then off we went to pick up the ‘name card’ from Rylee’s school so I can officially pick her up!
  • Jae and I went to the thrift store to find some dress-up clothes…no luck!
  • Western Days is this weekend so the ‘carnival’ is set up in the parking lot by the store.  We took a slow ride past it so she could check out all the rides.  Daddy is taking them tonight. She can’t wait to ride the swings.
  • We decided to meet Aunt Christy and Liam for lunch and a trip to the park.
  • With time to spare we visited several other stores looking for dress-up clothes, but again, no luck.
  • However in one store Jaedyn did get the chance to play dress up! 
  • We had a discussion in the car on the way to meet Aunt Christy about Little People….she saw a little person in Walmart and had a ton of questions. I love those kind of discussions! 
  • We met up for lunch and then went to the park.  That was fun!  I actually did some swinging…can’t remember the last time I did that. Of course, you shouldn’t go too fast or high right after you eat lunch…lesson learned. It was beautiful outside….loved it!
  • We headed home around 1ish and Jaedyn took a 45 minute rest…so Nana could take a break!
  • Then off to pick up Rylee from school….she came out all smiles and ready to chat!
  • Back at home we had a popcorn snack and the girls played for a few minutes…then outside we went, where we played school. Just so you know Papa got in timeout several times! And teacher Rylee had to explain to him several times about how to act in school so that you are good example to your friends. 🙂
  • Back inside Papa started a ticklefest and we had tons of giggling going on!
  • Daddy came in and the girls were ready for the carnival!  I bet they slept great last night!
  • Keith and I headed out for our movie, but once we realized we were going to be cutting it close, we decided on dinner instead.  I think….I know I talked his ear off over dinner!  Starbucks was the perfect end to that dinner date and home we went!

Jaedyn’s word of the day–freaky!  Not sure where she learned that, but there were a lot of things we saw today that she said, Nana, that’s freaky! *smiling*

Whew! What a great day! 

That is how my first day of being a part-time-stay-at-home-Wife-Nana went!  Amazing! Can’t wait to do it again.


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