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Back in the day there was a popular song called Raindrops Keep Fallin’ on My Head. I remember as an elementary age girl singing it and twirling the umbrella over my head. The ‘girlfriends’ and I had an all girl band that performed regularly in my front yard for anyone who would watch. It was never raining when we did it, but we always had the umbrellas, they were necessary to perform this song!

I have a huge umbrella that I use to keep me dry when it’s raining. It is a very large umbrella; I think it’s what you would call a golf umbrella. It is so large that the only part of me that gets wet when I use it is my feet. I am sure if I took smaller steps I could manage to keep my feet dry, but my main concern is my hair! 🙂

In the spring I walk through the outdoor furniture and check out all the umbrellas that are made to keep the sun off you. They come in a lot of different sizes, but ultimately they are all designed to allow you to sit outside without having to sit in the sun. I have never bought one because, living in Oklahoma, you always have to be concerned with them becoming airborne! It seems like a lot of money to spend to have it blown inside out or away!

During a recent trip to the store with my youngest granddaughter we checked out an array of umbrellas designed for kids. They come in every character you can think of, but are designed for the purpose of keeping the little guys dry. Something about having a character on it made her want to open it and put it over her head. If you show her one that doesn’t have a character she isn’t interested in using it at all. (:

The umbrella was created to cover you, to keep the elements off, to allow you to walk outside in the rain and stay dry, to not get sunburned or possibly to sing an occasional song. This is also true when you consider the umbrella of God. He covers us with the umbrella of His protection. Just like a real umbrella, as long as you keep it centered over your body it protects you. Keeping God as the center of your life allows for that same kind of protection. An umbrella must be opened and locked into place in order to be used and do what it is designed to do. The same is true of God’s umbrella, you have to open your life to Him, connect with Him daily and allow Him to be the influence that directs your life. That is when He will do for you what He was ‘designed’ to do. He will cover you and keep you protected from the elements (influences) around you. Under His umbrella is safety and contentment. Under His umbrella is where you can walk in His purpose and plan. Under His umbrella is where you know peace. I get frustrated when it rains and I don’t have my umbrella……..I also get frustrated when I wander from under God’s umbrella. Just like I enjoy being dry on a rainy day, I take pleasure in walking under the umbrella (protection) of God!

Psalm 5:11 but let all who take refuge in you rejoice; let them sing joyful praises forever. Spread your protection over them, that all who love your name may be filled with joy

My church is in a series called Authority Issues which is where I got the idea of this Umbrella blog. It is a good message….highly recommend you listening to it.


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