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Thankfulness to the extreme

As you can tell I didn’t maintain my daily thanks blog, but it doesn’t mean I wasn’t thankful!  It means I was out of town and didn’t take my laptop….so I couldn’t blog!  Keith and I were able to take a trip to New York to visit some friends and then to New Hampshire and spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family.  To say I was thankful doesn’t even touch the way I feel.  It was a blessing to get away, relax, see some awesome sights and spend extreme time with everyone.  We really had an amazing time!  I was especially happy to see our friends new baby…he is so cute.  We had a ton of fun with them…walked the streets of NY until I thought we had walked the whole state.  Ate some amazing food and shopped for some great gifts for the kiddos…big and little.  After our visit with them we took the train to Boston and spent the day there with my sister and her husband.  We ate fish and chips at a ‘quaint’ little pub in downtown Boston…on a cobblestone street….wonderful! They live in NH so it was a short trip home after our day out.  I can’t put into words how much I love spending time with my sister…she lives too far away!  We can have a ton of fun together…it never gets old laughing with her.  Her daughters were happy that Uncle Keith finally came for a visit and he was happy to see them.  It had only been a few years since he had seen Ami`, but 11 years since he had seen Caiti, she is all grown up now.  We also got to meet their boyfriends…both are very cute…one is a hugger, the other isn’t…the hugger got extra brownie points for the great good-bye hug he gave me when we left. 
The trip home was uneventful….except that we sat in the seats in front of the exit row on our first flight and after take off realized our seats wouldn’t recline….4 hours of sitting straight up….not good. 
We are happy to be back in our house…ready to see our Peoples Church family tomorrow. 
I am thankful to the extreme for good friends and my over-the-top-awesome-love-her-so-much sister and her top of the line family. 
Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and has a ton to be thankful for!

One thought on “Thankfulness to the extreme

  1. Ms. Winnie! Soooooo glad that you had such an awesome trip to NY….thanks for being a blessing to each of us and letting us share in your extreme blessings!!!


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