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Love Challenge Update!

Okay…this has to be the best challenge I’ve had in recent months!  I am having so much fun creating things, coming up with ideas and then pulling them off!

Day 2-a fabric rose with wire was attached to his gear shift in his car with a note that said “have a perfectly rosy day” (it’s still there)

Day 3-I wrote a message on the bathroom mirror -this was a little more difficult to pull off on a weekday…next time I will choose this for a weekend when he sleeps in!

Day 4-we were on a trip out of town…so that was my love note for Saturday…..and he played golf with my brother

Day 5-we made snacks and watched the Super Bowl together…

Day 6-had a surprise to sneak into his car….but he got up early! So I sent him a text later in the day…with a simple I love you!

Day 7-I managed to get the ‘gift’ from Monday into the car!  It was a framed print out of my 25th wedding anniversary vows to him…He loved it!  We are happily celebrating 27 years!

Day 8-again, missed the opportunity to sneak in his gift….:( 

Today—Day 9-he got day 8’s gift!!! It is Brita water bottle with the scripture ‘He who refreshes others will be refreshed’..Proverbs 11:25b…signed Be you!

So I have a few days left…and the plans and ideas are bigger than ever!

If you are doing this challenge I would love to hear what you are doing!


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