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Happy Friday

I’ve been looking forward to this day all week.  Not because it’s the last day of the week before the weekend, but the lil guys all spent the night last night and we have big plans for today.  They were wired last night and didn’t fall asleep until late, so I think they will be sleeping in today. The Myriad Gardens went through a huge renovation last year and it is open now!  There is a great new park with lots of things to explore and room to run….we are headed there today for a great end-of-the-school-year & hello-summer-picnic!

I don’t work on Friday’s right now so I have big plans for this summer and fun fun fun with the
grandkids.  I have been following Pinterest for summer fun and came across a lot of great ideas for games, painting, parties and outside fun.  If you aren’t checking out Pinterest, I highly recommend it.

Well, I am going to enjoy my little bit of quiet and calm with a nice hot cup of coffee!

Have a blessed day!


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