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I purchased a male Beta Fish a few months ago and the lil kids decided we should name him America because he is red and blue.  He quickly became a part of our family and the kids love talking to him whenever they are over.  Keith enjoys saying ‘Good morning, America”. Seems we all are happy to have him in our family. 

It is funny how much personality a fish can have…..he is very friendly and knows when I am at the kitchen sink and will do his ‘happy dance’ for me.  He has become accustomed to being fed in that portion of his tank when I am at the sink….I think that means I trained a fish!

The last time I cleaned his tank, I also had to buy food.  I splurged and got him some new food with dried shrimp in it.  A few days later I realized he wasn’t doing his ‘happy dance’ when I was at the sink.  Matter of fact, he was spending a lot of time on the bottom of his tank. Beta Fish don’t like the bottom of the tank, so I knew something was wrong.  After much goggling I learned that this behavior means he has a ‘belly ache’.  I am going to assume it’s from changing his food.  The cure for this is to feed him green peas…the inside portion.  It took a few times to coax him over and make him realize what I was doing, but he finally caught on and he gobbles them up.  So, we are on day 3 and he seems a little happier, but still not himself.  Next step is to clean his tank and continue to feed him peas for a few days . I hope both of these things will bring him back to being my happy little fish. I should also mention that I threw away the new food and replaced it with his old food.

I’ll keep you updated!


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