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Shrimp Tacos

I love trying to recreate meals that we have enjoyed when are out to eat.  One you save money making it at home and two…well who doesn’t like a challenge!  Keith ordered shrimp tacos on a dinner date and I thought, hmmm, I like shrimp and I enjoy a good taco, so I decided to try my hand at shrimp tacos!

I use small shrimp…I buy the frozen uncooked shrimp, not sure the bag size…buy the amount  you need to feed your crew. This pan fed my crew of one hungry man and his weight watching wife! Oh, with one left over for his lunch the next day.

I pour the shrimp into a strainer and rinse them really well…really-really well. I don’t know why, not even sure what I am rinsing off, but I do it.  Then I sprinkle them with Old Bay Seasoning and cook them in butter…yes, butter! Of course you can sprinkle them with whatever you want and cook them in olive oil, too.

I buy a bag of cole slaw, plain old cole slaw and a small bunch of fresh cilantro. For the two of us, I put 3 cups of cole slaw in a bowl and added about 1/3 cup of  slightly chopped cilantro and then drizzled it with lime juice.  Just enough to make it wet and easy to mix, probably a tablespoon or so.  You can adjust the cilantro and lime juice to your fit your taste buds.

I sliced one avocado and sprinkled it with lime juice….just cuz I like lime juice!
I warmed the flour tortillas on my gas stove-you can warm them however you like. I actually burned these, but turned them over so you wouldn’t see! Definitely need to flip them quite often or they burn!
Then….you make a taco…I put the cole slaw on the bottom, add the shrimp and avocado. A little bit of salt and pepper and wa-la—shrimp tacos.
These are yummy, quick and easy!
I love quick and easy meals during the work week!
Have a great Thursday!

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