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Fun Friday Facts

Guess what?  Yep, it’s Saturday eve to Hump Day, this day is AWESOME. I had a great week, but am looking forward to the weekend. Our Saturday will be a lot more fun than our Friday evening….we’ve put it off long enough, gotta get it done….yep, you guessed it,  it’s time for our annual family budget planning pow wow. Necessary, but not necessarily fun!  Hope your plans are better!

Have a marvelous Friday and an even better Saturday!

Thanks for stopping by, here are a few fun facts to ponder!

1. There are 691 water fountains in the Pentagon.
2. Armadillos can walk underwater.
3. The most common makeup-related injury is a mascara wand to the eye.
4. There are 1665 steps in the Eiffel Tower.
5. $30 of raw popcorn translates into $3,000 of sales at a movie theater.
Happy Saturday’s Eve!
Once again, I grabbed these off the internet, so you know they are true…everything on the internet is true, right? If they aren’t, well we had a good laugh or roll of the eyes anyway!

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