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Did you miss me?

I hate that I haven’t been able to blog this week…but, we have both been sick.  That doesn’t happen very often, but then who can decide whether we will be sick at the same time or not.  I can say being sick together is not good. When you are both sick, it’s hard to take care of each other, you are sorta grumpy and the house falls apart (which bothers one of us more than the other). Dishes stack up in the sink, every kind of medicine available to man is strewn on the counter, with some dishes that won’t fit in the sink anymore. The dishwasher is clean, but who is going to empty it? Which is why the dishes are stacked up in the sink and counter. The dog seemed to want to go out more than usual. But, you both act like you don’t hear her ringing the loud bell on the back door that is only a few feet from your sick bed.  Everything seems out of order, clothes are in places they shouldn’t be, dust has accumulated on everything and could someone please take the trash out! How can all this chaos happen in just a few days?
I think I slept for about 2 days straight; every part of my body ached and I thought my head was going to explode.  In the midst of that long winters nap, the hubby started coughing up a lung or at least it sounded like it and his head started pounding from it.  None of the ‘every kind of medicine known to man strewn on the counter’ seemed to help, so off to the doctor he went. Diagnosis…upper respiratory infection. 😦 But, several prescribed medications later and he is a lot better.  And the cough medicine with codeine helps him sleep! Amazing how little snoring he does in a drug induced sleep. Wish I could sleep that well. hmmmmmm
Well, that’s what has been happening in our house this week…wasn’t much fun, but I tried to make it sound like it was.  Next time we are both sick at the same time, we will have to make better plans for dishes, laundry, dust, taking out the trash and the dog! Let me know if you are available and I’ll call you!
Oh and both of us are feeling well now! 
Have a happy Thursday!

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