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This weekend we enjoyed our oldest Grandson’s first soccer game.  The Minnesota cold was horrible, no amount of blankets, coats, hats-small child sitting in my lap to block the wind or hubby’s gloves could keep me warm. Wait..we live in Oklahoma!  Yep it was that cold!

Despite all the wind and cold air, I enjoyed watching the game and rooting the Warriors on.  This is a new chapter in our lives as Nana and Papa and we are excited about it.  As I sat there watching Emery play, it brought back memories of sitting in the bleachers and watching his Daddy play baseball.  What a long way we have come! What a long way my son has come! From a little boy playing baseball to a husband and father, standing on the sidelines cheering on his own son. It makes my heart smile to see my son as a Dad and a little bit proud of who he has become!  

We have also been enjoyed watching our youngest granddaughter play in her basketball games.  Saturday was her last for this season.  It was fun watching these little girls learning to dribble the ball….then walk and dribble the ball. Jaedyn made her fair share of baskets, too.  I hear she wants to try swimming now! 

Rylee, our oldest, is tumbling…and she is very flexible! Her back walkover is ‘this’ close! She seems to be a natural in this sport, so I am pretty sure we will  be attending gymnastic meets before we know it.

Our youngest, Liam, will be playing soccer, too.  His first game is this Saturday and we are excited to see him play. He told me last week that he can’t wait to play and hopes it’s warmer! Me, too! 

Well, here we go into the next chapter of our lives….expecting it to be as awesome as the previous chapters!

See you in the stands!


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