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March 31-

~March 31~this is the day my life was blessed with my beautiful baby~Chele!   It was a Tuesday…I woke up at 3 am….excited and ready…the baby was 9 days late and this Mom was ready to hold him or her. Back in those days gender was a surprise!  The contractions were little, but they were real and I was not going back to sleep until she was born.  I even got up and grabbed a bag of Cheetos and munched on them in my excitement.  She has always been a huge fan of Cheetos, with her favorite being the cheese balls you can buy in the 10 gallon container!   At noon, I went to the hospital and at 3:04 pm she was born……a beautiful baby girl. 7lb 19 3/4″ long….Michele Jeanne! 

This little girl was shy until she reached High School, then she danced freely out of her shell and has since then loved being the center of attention.  She makes an entrance either with her personality or her beauty, but you  notice she is in the room when she enters. She is fun, creative and adventurous.  She loves to read, and was (err still is) good  great awesome at Mario Brothers 1, 2 & 3 on Nintendo.  To this day she can still impress her nephews with her Mario gaming skills!  Ask Liam!

She has blossomed into to a beautiful daughter, loves being a Mom and this year will become the wife to her Prince Charming. She has God as the center of her life and we love to watch as He takes her to each new and exciting level in her life.

Keith and I are blessed to be her parents and love her with all of our hearts!

God smiled on me the day she was placed in my arms.  

Love you Michele Jeanne!

Happy Birthday!


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